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Media Technical Services (a.k.a. "MTS" or "Media Tech") provides support services for classes and events throughout the College of Medicine Tucson and Phoenix Campuses and the Arizona Health Sciences Center. Professional staff offer expertise in planning technical support, and the setup and operation of audio, video, computer, and other presentation equipment.

Our Tucson service desk is located in room AHSC 3404C, and we can be reached at 520-626-0151.

Our Phoenix service desk is located in Building 3, Room 3167, and we can be reached at 602-827-2041.


- Audiovisual Equipment Distribution

We provide audiovisual equipment delivery to locations in the main physical complex of the AHSC where such equipment is not installed and is needed temporarily.

Requests for equipment can be placed by calling 626-0151.

Standing orders for regularly scheduled events are taken for January thru June and July thru December. Please use either the spring or fall form. Orders within the current period may be placed at any time, but orders for the next period cannot be placed more than one month before.

A partial list of available equipment includes:

  • Computers (for presentation only, not for long term or production uses)
  • Video/computer image projectors
  • Public address systems
  • Slide, film, transparency and opaque projectors
  • Video and audio cassette recorder/players and monitors

Call us with any audiovisual related special needs you may have. We have some "antique" media players and projectors on hand.

+ Audiovisual Supplies

+ Classroom Design & Technology

+ Classroom Technology Management

+ Computer & Video Projection Support

+ Conference Planning

+ Equipment Purchasing Consultation

+ Technical Support


+ Why isn't the image from my laptop being projected on the screen?


Randy Grohman Randy Grohman

Media Services Manager


Jeff Homoki Jeff Homoki

Information Technology Support Center Specialist


Denise Leahy Denise Leahy

Information Technology Support Center Specialist