BioCommunications - Medical Photography

From your digital files, we can output posters or publication-quality color or black-and-white prints. Just follow the following 2 steps.

Step 1 → Provide printouts of your files

While we can work without printouts, they allow us to catch problems such as missing fonts. The imaging form includes an area where you can specify the fonts you used in your presentation.

  • You can deliver the printouts to our office: We are located at the Arizona Health Sciences Center in room 3404.
  • You can fax copies to us at 520-626-2145. If you are faxing a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, please send black & white printouts configured 4 or 6 slides to a page.

Step 2 → Complete the Imaging Request Form and Upload Files

Please use the form on the next screen to upload your files to us.

Turnaround time for most output jobs, such as a single poster, is 24 hours or less. Please verify the turnaround with the operations desk (626-7343), if you have concerns.

If you need assistance, call us at 626-7343 or email us at